Greenland Overseas
Based on the global horizon innovative development strategy since 2012, Greenland Group has taken a new path of overseas expansion and capitalized development, and successfully entered four continents, 9 countries including USA, Australia, Canada and UK and 13 cities, with steady growth in market expansion and increasing maturation of business model.
Greenland Group has stimulated dynamic vitality of deepening enterprise transformation through participation in global market competition. Aiming at cultivating a world-class enterprise in the future, Greenland Group will strive for an ever growing enterprise with brilliant prospects against the background of economic globalization.
Greenland Jeju Healthcare Town
As a component of the “Six Core Projects” in Jeju Korea, the project has a floor area of about 390,000 square meters, with a plan to build sightseeing and recuperating facilities, medical service, commercial shopping center, tourism resort hotel and residential communities, etc. It will turn into a world-class recuperating style residential district with multiple functions including housing, recreation and medical care, and well-equipped public facilities.
The first batch of projects was delivered in 2014, marking the first delivery of “Chinese Made” overseas residence in recent years, its outstanding quality turning it into a new model in the Korean market. In Jeju, Greenland Group is praised as an enterprise with the best reputation, largest development projects and richest outcome of all the Chinese enterprises that have invested in Korea.
The Sea Stars in Pattaya, Project
Located in the world famous tourist resort Pattaya, the project is a world-class tourist holiday boutique program in win-win cooperation with Charoen Pokphand, including a frontline sea view apartment, a 5-star hotel and theme business.
Greenland Jade Palace in Johor Bahru, Malaysia
The project is located in the Straits of Johor and sees Singapore across the sea. It plans to build a large scale residential community, middle and upscale serviced apartment, hotel and supporting business.